APG S100 Heavy Duty Universal 6 Coin Till Black

16" Cash Drawer

This APG cash drawer means business. Designed to last at least 4,000,000 cycles (opens and closes), this product is a great fit for even the busiest of businesses.

As with all our APG cash drawers, this one is printer-driven, so it automatically pops open when you process a sale, allowing for easy access exactly when you need it. The extra wide drawer (16") accommodates universal 6 coin till, while the extra depth in this model allows for increased coin storage underneath the till.

The interface cable to connect the drawer to your printer is included and if anything goes wrong for some reason, APG includes a 3-year warranty (with this drawer only).

Looking to mount the cash drawer under your counter? Purchase the corresponding mounting bracket too!

Dimensions: 16"(W) X 16.8"(D) X 4.9"(H)

Delivery date: 1-2 days