Poynt 5 (Cellular)

Poynt 5 offers the newest in payment technology to increase merchant’s management of their business. A revolutionary wireless terminal like never before, the Poynt 5 Wireless Terminal raises the bar of how payment technology can function. Complete with WiFi and Bluetooth, stay connected and accept payments from anywhere. Take all forms of payments including NFC, EMV, Magnetic Stripe, Gift Cards and all types of debit and credit cards. The Poynt 5 Wireless Terminal is no larger than the size of your smartphone, but with all the payment technology packed inside to keep your future-proofed for years to come.

Manufacturer: Poynt
Delivery date: 3-5 days

Small in size, big in flexibility

The Poynt 5 has a sleek footprint, but with all the functionality you would expect from an enterprise-ready payment terminal.



Mag Stripe

Gift Card



Credit Card

Pin on Glass

Simplify Your Business with a Smart Terminal

Mobile, smart and compact is where the industry is moving to. The Poynt 5 wireless terminal is permanently changing the way merchants are able to accept payments. Sleek and modern, these terminals are truly powerful. This piece of hardware will revolutionize the way you run your business by improving both the customer’s and merchant’s payment experience.

Poynt 5 Wireless Terminal

With the newest model of Poynt’s processing equipment, flexibility, convenience, and mobility are pushed to new limits. The Poynt 5 terminal can integrate seamlessly with new or pre-existing Poynt OS, Poynt HQ, and Poynt Smart Terminals. The Poynt 5 Terminal may be a pint-sized device, but it offers many of the same full-featured benefits of its much larger counterparts. If you own or run a retail store, bar, restaurants or lodging, the Poynt 5 is ideal for you. Here are some of the many features packed into this mini terminal:

  • The Freedom of Wireless: Bring the checkout (and tipping) experience to your customers. Inside or outside, WiFi capabilities will cover you on the go.
  • Robust Security: Your custom’s data will be protected constantly with the latest in encryption and Safe-T technology.
  • Take All Forms of Payments: EMV, chip cards, magstripe, NFC, gift cards, and mobile payments. Processes any and all payment types.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Monitor sales, refund transactions, and settle, Poynt 5’s simple and powerful dashboard makes it all easy with one click.